Daniel Radcliffe’s Farts Could Save Us All

I never thought that a movie centered around a farting corpse becoming sentient and learning to human again would be a go-to for an emotional tear-jerker, but this movie is the bees knees.

Geek Elitism (It’s Not Cute)

For the most part, I’d like to keep my tone and subject matter positive and fun. But tI just have to get things off my chest. I’m gonna talk about Geek Elitism.

Top Ten and Ten’s in the Top!

Recently, Digital Spy held on online poll asking people to weigh in on who they think is the GREATEST TV CHARACTER IN THE 21st CENTURY.

Joe Dante and the Batman (and Joker) that Coulda Been

It is inevitable that our imaginations run wild as a story created unfolds before us. Every written word, every creative decision, every actor/tress chosen, et cetera leads to the outcome of the stories and characters we love.

Alan Moore Retires from Comics

The Guardian has announced that Alan Moore, the creator of “Watchmen”, “V for Vendetta”, “From Hell”, and “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman” (to name but a few), is retiring from comics. Moore had this to say: “I think I have done enough for comics. I’ve done all that I can. I think if I were…

A Little Love for Leonard

He was a writer, director, and producer on top of being one of the most loved characters on one of the most popular television shows ever.

Just a Heads Up

The new Star Trek stamps came out today! I just so happened to need to ship some art for the hubby on their release date. The man behind the counter spotted the Star Trek patch on my sci-fi vest when I walked in. When he rang up my packages he politely asked, “Do you need…

All About Bruce

I’m not sure what it is about cult movies and B-movies that I’m so attracted to, but when I was growing up, Bruce Campbell was a household name.