Daniel Radcliffe’s Farts Could Save Us All

Ooooohhhhh I’m a sucker for a bizarre story that is somehow endearing and thought provoking. I never thought that a movie centered around a farting corpse becoming sentient and learning to human again would be a go-to for an emotional tear-jerker, but this movie is the bees knees.

It’s one of those things where you’re not really sure what to think. I mean, is this corpse really farting hard enough to be used as a boat? Is he really puking fresh water or has this guy gone absolutely crazy from being stuck in the woods and now he’s carrying around a rotting corpse pretending it’s alive? But as the movie progresses you stop caring about those questions because you realize this movie is about a man coping with loneliness and a massive amount of self doubt.

The story begins with Hank (Paul Dano) stranded on a deserted island. He has a noose around his neck and he is about to commit suicide. swiss.png

We have no idea why he is there or how. (Enter Daniel Radcliffe’s farting remains)

Now this is about when people started walking out at the film festival.

Hank realizes quickly that these aren’t just regular farts, but superhuman farts that can be used to jet them across the water to the land where Hank came from so they can get back home.

I wish my farts got me places.

Hank begins holding one-sided conversations with Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) wishing that he would speak and keep him company. Eventually, Manny develops speech and becomes basically a sentient zombie without the desire to eat brains, but only after Hank realizes that Manny can also produce a multitude of fresh water from his mouth to battle that pesky dehydration.

I already told you this film is bizarre. Now think about this concept: A swiss army knife is a go-to tool that has a variety of common uses and therefore is something very handy to have around. A swiss army man will have a variety of uses as well, but much more complex. Hank knows that Manny is his ticket home, but he can only perform when he is growing happier and more aware. This becomes Hank’s job and purpose.

I don’t want to include too many spoilers in this blog, because this film deserves your time. It is very much worth the watch. Hank gets to teach Manny all about being a human and Manny gets to teach Hank about openess. Hank teaches Manny about love and dancing.dance

Manny teaches Hank to stop hating himself and to step outside his comfort zone.

The movie inevitably leaves you curious about how many of the interactions were real and how many were a delusion of Hank’s isolated mind. There is a little in there to suggest it was real, but it definitely ends with a big what the f*ck. This film will change your perspective on what is important and will show you how love happens unexpectedly. It is truly a heartwarming film and yes, Manny, this is what I look like when I’m happy.happy

Enjoy the trailer and give it a shot, guys!


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