Can Two Local Horror Punk Bands Rise to the Top?

Ah yes. Horror punk. It’s a unique niche that appeals to those of us who still love fast and aggressive music and who also love horror, blood, gore, etc. *emphatically raises hand* While most of my daily life in Louisiana leaves me with a strong wanderlust (a romantic way of saying I want to get the f*ck out of here) there are some things that our odd little corner of the world enriches in unexpected ways. Horror and punk are two of those things that I believe flourish quite naturally in Louisiana and even more so when they are paired together.  This brings me to the point of this post. is hosting a poll of 208 different horror punk bands that you can rank from best to worst. Two of my favorite local horror punk bands (the Tomb of Nick Cage, Jason and the Kruegers) are on this list and I thought y’all would like an opportunity to give them some love and support. Go ahead and VOTE THEM UP RIGHT HERE!!!!!

And if you’re interested, you can listen to some music they made together HERE!


18814064_1271987396247591_5272607312166479565_n (1)
The Tomb of Nick Cage photo credit: Kevin P. Johnson Photography


Jason and the Kruegers

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