Subscribe and Win: a Geeks and Ghouls Giveaway

I’m going to be brief because no one likes being led on through paragraphs of fluff that don’t give them the info they want. So let me get right down to the point: shortly after wrapping up the first contest I ever hosted for Geeks and Ghouls, I felt a high unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I achieved a milestone in my Geeks and Ghouls goals and I got to make 3 contest entrants very very happy by recognizing them and gifting them with well-earned prizes! Immediately, I wanted to beef up my followers and hold another contest, and this is it! Here’s a peek at what you could win!




UGH, It’s beautiful. I’ve seen it in person. I held it up to my $10 Walgreens StormTrooper figure just to be funny, and it was indeed laughable. Nothing compares to a Sideshow Figure, I promise.

If you want to enter the contest, you must CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


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