Former Doctor Who Showrunner to Write for New Series!

HOLD. THE. PHONE. I have an announcement!

I know that very recently, Steven Moffat stepped down as the Doctor Who showrunner and not long before that, the Sherlock series wrapped up it’s final episode. Of course, I knew this wouldn’t end Moffat’s productivity and I was right. I just found out that he has teamed up once again with Mark Gatiss  to write for a new “Sherlock style” miniseries with feature length episodes. What series, you might ask?



Y’all, this is what Dracula deserves. I can’t wait to see Moffat explore a supernatural realm this dark since he’s so good at killing everything you love. He’s a brilliant, heartless B*stard, and he works very well with Gatiss. There’s no word of when casting will begin but I have no doubt it will be cast as keenly as the other gold the BBC graces us with.

You can learn more about this here in the Variety exclusive.

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