Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Drops and John Barrowman Wants In On That!

Doctor Who sure is trying to get us revved up for the new series and they’re doing a good job, because I’m getting antsy about it! So we have the Season 10 trailer for you to watch right here! Find that video below:

Want a BONUS?! Watch this video from the Doctor WHO YouTube channel and get a glimpse of a new bad guy that is likely to be a season 10 regular:

Still not enough to get you stoked? Well, what if DW could bring back a well-loved character that we’ve been missing? Well, with a little luck, we’ll get just that, because John Barrowman has expressed a strong desire to reprise his role as Jack Harkness just to interact with the 12th doctor before Capaldi leaves the show:

“I actually would like to see Peter Capaldi’s Doctor meet Jack. The Doctor’s a little bit older, perfect – Jack’s matured a little bit. Would that spark still be there? Would Jack still feel the same about him?

Would he think, ‘I’m not sure about your cape there, sir. What happened to the coat? Why a cape? Why have you gone all Dracula on me!?”

See a little more about that below:


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