Dreaming Big: Why I Love Sci-Fi

Everyone has their own reasons for why they love what they love. In reality, it doesn’t matter what those reasons are because no one needs to justify what brings them joy. But as far as fandoms go, I’ve never seen quite so dedicated a fan base as those who love comics, fantasy and sci-fi. Of course, I love all these things in all their variations. And I know you’ll agree when I say crossovers are some of the most exciting experiences for a fan. At least for me. My husband is the master of nerd gifts and he gifted me two issues of a Star Trek / Doctor Who crossover comic. It features the 11th Doctor, Captain Picard, the 4th Doctor, and Captain Kirk. AAAAAAANNNNDDDDD It all happened because the Borg joined forces with the Cybermen.

A portion of the Cover art for Assimilation

I can’t tell you how good that material is!!!! Well, yes I can. But I’ll save that for another blog post. All that being said, I started this blog because I am a fan and I love to discuss origins and crossovers and story arcs and all the beautiful things that create an amazing story.

But there is something more than that to the fandom. There is a reason why these things elate me (particularly sci-fi).

From the time we are small children, we are shoved into a daily grind. School homework, chores, bed, repeat.  Until eventually it becomes; school, work, home, chores, bed, repeat and inevitably it becomes; work, home, chores, bed, repeat. Of course there are joyful and memorable experiences sprinkled in there and they should not be taken for granted. But I think we’ve all caught on to the fact that life, in general, becomes a monotonous routine. A lot of the time our dreams drown in the flood waters of societal conformity. And I don’t mean conforming to fashion standards or gender roles or anything arbitrary like that. I mean the fact that no matter your race, creed, or gender (notice    I didn’t mention class), everyone must work the grind to “survive”.

Ever get so frustrated that you wanna destroy a whole convenient store because the price of soda went up?


You reach a point in your life when you realize your freedom as an individual was snatched up before you were even a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. The monotony; being tired and sore, anxious and depressed. Sprinkle a little guilt on top to make sure you never speak out about modern day slavery and BAM, you have a bunch of people who repress their dreams only to mull them over sadly and regretfully in their minds if not forget them all together.

They Live
I’ve come to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of bubblegum.


I am not writing these words to depress you. I just want to hammer home the fact that comics, fantasy, and sci-fi are more than just the entertainment that you hesitantly spent money on because you know that money should’ve been used for an oil change or put into savings. Is it our deepest desire, however repressed, to escape from our monotony, envision a different world.

When we are angry, we can be The Hulk and smash a whole city and someone will be there to pat us on the back for it.

Or reward us with an over-priced soda.


When we are feeling compassionate we can be The Doctor, travelling the universe weeping at how beautiful every individual life form is in all their complexities.DrandAmy


When we are feeling heroic, we can scale a wall, or run around the whole planet between heartbeats, or battle apocalyptic robots. terminator


Above all else, these things allow us to have more exciting and genuine experiences. We get to see ourselves as not monotonous, but heroic. Not routine, but compassionate and full of wonder. Not angry and repressed, but vocal and appreciated. This is so important to our hearts and selves that you will rarely meet a nerd that won’t go on and on about that thing they love most. We’re excited to share it and we’re excited to know that others also love to be heroic and compassionate and brave. You are all the most unique group of people and I can’t wait to share our nerdom TOGETHER!


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  1. I am so proud of you!!! This is beautifully written and passionate. Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?! If not, I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!!!! We are Groot!!!

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