Video Games Aren’t As Fun Anymore and It’s Our Fault

There was a time where video games were so exciting, talking to your friends about them sharing secrets and urban legends were cool and fun. In 2019 , it’s just not fun anymore, with social media platforms giving every single person the ability to have a voice that reaches as far as the ears of publishers, developers, programers, ect to offer suggestions, or to report bugs they are experiencing, but that never seems to be the case anymore. We use our voices to threaten those same companies we love and respect because they sometimes don’t show us the same love and respect to us, the players, the customers, especially after spending our hard earned money on their product. We use our voices to cry and complain that the expectations that we had for  games based on a teaser trailer of a game that clearly states “Product is still in development and may be subject to change”. We have already over analyzed it, deemed it unworthy, and have made the decision that it’s a terrible game and anyone who feels otherwise is (Insert trendy derogatory internet slang here). We use influencers to tell us what is good and bad based on petty arguments and whoever butters their bread for views and revenue. The art has been lost in games; developers are scared to try new things for their games, the artists are scared to express themselves with their creations in fear of backlash by “Fans”. Because now with a push of a button we can cry loud enough over social media until developers change their product or pull it completely whether we like it or not. Where is the hate coming from? Frankly I feel like it’s ruining the gaming industry. We are so quick to break down every movie and game and every piece of entertainment to be the “hero” no one asked for. We can no longer make decisions for ourselves and support a game series or creator because we simply want to or actually enjoy their product. Before most games hit shelves they’re being data mined and leaked and spoiled for the rest of the world.

I had a guy talk to me about games and asked what games I played. I told him I had almost put 200 hours into Monster Hunter World, this guy hit me with the most pretentious scrof. “Eh, I didn’t really care for it.” When I asked why, you know, out of curiosity his reply was, “I don’t know it just feels like a Monster Hunter game.” I’ll spare you the rest of the quoted conversation. But the guy had never played a Monster Hunter Game up until Monster Hunter World and he didn’t even OWN the game. But he was really ready to shoot it down that it didn’t “feel like a monster game”, with no explanation other than that. And it’s not just this gentlemen I see it all the time. Whatever is popular opinion is THE opinion. Now I’m not saying that people can’t have their own opinions, everyone should have an opinion is what I’m saying. Based on experience, time, and real thought. We have become a subculture of pretentious, cynical, self righteous crybabies and we have to do better.



About the author: Gary K.W. is a comedy content Creator and internet personality from Lafayette, Louisiana.

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  1. Jordan James Levers says:

    Too true–I always end up loving games that are deemed cult classic or antiquated or (whatever).
    Don’t kill my games just because it might only be the 20% of people that love them. That’s still plenty of money to be made, so don’t put them off of the idea of making more than just another Fortnite look-alike.


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