18 Great Gifts for the Trekkie in Your Life

*This blog contains affiliate links. Thanks for looking!

If I could splurge guiltlessly on anything it would be sci-fi memorabilia and you could bet your ass a good portion of it would be Star Trek stuff. So I found some awesome things I’d love to share with you guys. Some I already own. Some I will have to save my pennies for. So check it out! It’s 18 great Trekkie gifts for the sci-fi lover! Clicking the image will take you right to it!

If there is one think I’ve learned about Trekkies or just nerds in general, it’s that a lot of them are cat people. I saw this book of Star Trek Cats and definitely wanted to add it to my library to sit alongside my scripts from the original series and my Doctor Who / Star Trek crossover comics.

I actually own these Spock Socks. A sweet gift from my husband 🙂

The Star Trek Drone. Are you ready to pilot The USS Enterprise…. right into a power line or something?! Look no further!

The Phaser replica is a must for any Trekkie!

The Mega Bloks USS Enterprise Construction set is the perfect gift for Star Trek fan who also has an affinity for building sets reminiscent of childhood.

The Communicator is another replica I’ve had to pass over at cons due to monetary issues. *sigh* One day!

A Star Trek Electronic Door Chime?! Gimme dat! I wanna put it on our motor home when we get one. Lol

This is a lovely little piece. It’s a “pill box” but you can obviously put whatever you want in there.

This fan pull is super nice. We were using a plastic clip for a bag of chips as a fan pull for a long time.

The Captains Log journal is a good gift for anyone who enjoys journaling or writing.

Some people have punk vests. I have a Sci-Fi vest. Patches like this are great for just that, and many other applications too.

Mugs have always made a good go-to gift and are collectors items in their own right. This Klingon mug is sturdy and attractive and cool af.

This tri-corder looks like a relic. It would look great gracing a shelf with weathered books.

This Next Generation onsie is perfect for… well…. the next generation 😉

We all know that Trekkie that revels in their knowledge of all things Star Trek. Trivial Pursuit gives them a chance to show it off!

I’m glad that harness I bought for my dog didn’t fit, otherwise I’d feel guilty about buying this. But I’m totally buying this.

Sci-Fi sushi lovers rejoice! They’ve paired two of my favorite things together!

The Star Trek Encyclopedia…. So that aforementioned Trekkie aficionado can brush up on their Trivial Pursuit skills!


So tell me! What’s your favorite piece of memorabilia you’ve ever purchased?


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