A Letter of Gratitude from Geeks and Ghouls

To My Beloved Readers, Supporters, and Friends:

It’s been 8 months since I posted my first blog on this site. I knew I wanted to create a unique entertainment site that would grow into a conduit for charity and volunteerism. A lot can happen in 8 months and since I’ve written “Dreaming Big: Why I Love Sci-Fi” I’ve definitely experienced and learned a lot of new things.

Blogging might seem like a silly and overly simple thing to call a career but I assure you it is not. It’s difficult to always be quick and current. A good portion of my posts are written on my lunch breaks or hurriedly between customers at the market I work at. On any given day you can find me scribbling post ideas on blank receipt paper so I don’t use precious battery power while brainstorming. (Totally what I did for this post too). Within the 8 months since my first post I made big plans for Geeks and Ghouls and the direction it would take toward charity and…. I also lost my father to a terrible battle with cancer.

This made dedicating myself to GnG even harder as my anxious depression began to cripple me and my desire to create anything; I didn’t even make art for the longest time. Every bit of emotional energy I could muster went to trying to heal my father and later to trying to make sense of my loss and grief.

I’m telling you all these things because I wanted to thank you. Thank you for the support; all the likes, shares, comments, and words of encouragement. I would not have come this far without those who have always supported me.

With the continued love from my community I will eventually be able to dedicate myself full time to transforming Geeks and Ghouls from a simple entertainment blog to a platform that engages, informs, and nourishes it’s audience. With your help, GnG can begin hosting events that will be loads of fun for patrons and provide monetary and supply donations for the arts in our community. I want every child to grow up with a healthy foundation in expressing themselves and a sense of pride in their ability to create.

Please continue to like, comment, and share so I can grow this business, make my father proud, and put myself into a position to truly help others.

All My Love and Gratitude,

Autopsy Annie

Founder/CEO of Geeks and Ghouls


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