The Absolute Worst part About Iron Fist

Honestly, I almost didn’t watch Iron Fist at all due to all the terrible things I was reading. I decided to watch it anyway, as I’ve watched all the Marvel series already and figured I didn’t want to miss any details that might be important to The Defenders. So after watching the whole season and contemplating the details, I’ve figured out that the absolute worst part of Iron Fist is THE REVIEWS. Yeah, I said it. And I’m not taking it back.

The two main complaints I’ve experienced with Iron Fist are these: It’s boring and the fight scenes are weak.

Let me just say that I am legitimately ADD and it takes A LOT to hold my attention before I’m lost in the endless vortex that is my Facebook feed. If Iron Fist were legitimately boring, I would not have made it through the season with such excitement for what’s next. Within one season I learned new things about old characters and new characters were developed and fleshed out really well. I believe what is lacking isn’t interesting content, but patience for a slow burning plot in the age of binge watching.

As for the fight scenes, I can only say two things:
1. Several times throughout the season they stress moving slow and building chi. The entire fighting style is completely different from that of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. It definitely shares more similarities with Dr. Strange.
2. Finn Jones (Danny Rand, Iron Fist) said in an interview that the fight scenes were taught right before shooting and they were only given 15 minutes to actually rehearse the movements. Hopefully after this seasons outcry, the powers that be will listen and choose to dedicate more time to such an integral part of the series.

In conclusion, I think more people should spend more time building excitement for things they enjoy and less time looking for things to be disappointed in. Just enjoy the damn show because Marvel has been killin’ it, y’all!


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