Rocket and Groot Get Their Own Animations

More great news for Guardians of the Galaxy fans who just can’t wait for GotG 2! Disney announced a series of animated shorts that will be released to lead up to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′ and it’s simply called ‘Rocket and Groot’.
The shorts have been animated by Passion Pictures, with a visual style based on the work of acclaimed comics artist Skottie Young. The ‘Rocket and Groot’ shorts are scheduled for release at a rate of one per day via the Disney XD app, beginning on March 27th. In addition to this, four of the shorts will be available on YouTube (beginning, like the app release, on March 27). The shorts will then be edited together for a broadcast premiere on Disney XD (the channel), which is scheduled for 7:00am ET on April 10. Check it out!!!


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